Let’s preserve the biodiversity of bats

May is the beginning of the active reproduction season of bats. These vulnerable and unique species of mammals are the only ones in this class that can really fly and need protection and care. Caring for nature consists not only of the ability to use its products. It’s vital that the awareness of nature’s importance becomes the inner heritage of the individual. Therefore, it’s necessary to form the environmental consciousness of young people, which is the most effective, if the pedagogical process of environmental education takes into account the psychological characteristics of students and the processes of formation of environmental awareness. We have to take care of every living being on this earth, especially those who need our protection the most.

Therefore, on May 15th, 2022, was held a thematic event for children and youth to teach to help bats by the head of the organization of people with disabilities “Parallel World” and a participant in the Interreligious and Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF). He demonstrated the technique of creating bat boxes, which serve as reproduction nesting chambers for these creatures for the spring and summer.

During this thematic event, participants had the opportunity to practice making bat boxes. Students collected them and painted them with symbolic silhouettes of bats under the guidance of Andriy Donichenko, who designed these boxes in the form of prefabricated constructors. Moreover, a nesting structure was built for the great tit. All students actively and enthusiastically participated in the workshop.

The event was held in cooperation with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) (headed by Alexander Bokotey) with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband, NABU International), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.


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