About us:

Interreligious and environmental civil forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) created by 36 representatives of secular and religious institutions in Eastern Europe as a result of the international scientific conference “The Church and Society for the preservation of the environment in Eastern Europe: the protection of creation” (07-09.10.2016 Uzhgorod). The purpose of the forum is the exchange of information, experiences and joint actions in the environmental field between the churches and environmental organizations for the benefit and assistance to care for God’s creation.

Forum aims to promote the development of environmental programs and church projects, religious organizations and civil society on the basis of biblical, theological and other spiritual starting points for finding and applying the principles of sustainability in relation to one’s neighbor, taking into account our responsibility for future generations and for all of God’s creation – nature.


Our team:

Mykhailo Bilanych

The head of the organization

Oleksandr Bokotey

Coordinator of international relations

Marta Mykhailets

Expert in the development of eco-educational methods, trainer

Nataliya Kulya

Project coordinator, expert in the implementation of cross-border and international projects

Matthew Temple

Genetic scientist, monk of the Carmelite order, teacher at Nazareth College (Rochester, USA), head of the climate protection committee

Polina Zabolotna

Copywriter, public relations manager

Bohdan Motuzenko

Sociologist, analyst

Iryna Shishkina

Communication expert, content manager

Yurii Tolvai

Web developer

Our partners