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On August 16, the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) and the Interreligious and Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF), both part of the MGCE’s Ecological Commission, held a meeting online. Leading specialists summarized the first half of the year’s results and forecasted actions through the end of 2023 in the form of a brainstorming session.

The goal of the online gathering was to review the collaborative environmental and educational effort and brainstorm ideas for improvement. Natalia Kulya, Project Coordinator, reported on the current projects “Eco-theater in the Ukrainian Carpathians“, “Youth School of Sustainable Development of the Carpathians: Protecting the Biodiversity of Church Towers“, and “Activation of IRCEF’s Activities in the Eastern Partnership Countries focusing on successful accomplishments, risks, and challenges. Participants took part in a discussion about particular initiatives to be taken in order to adopt actual nature conservation measures within these projects.

The team was looking for effective means of implementing environmental initiatives and strategies to promote public awareness of the need for environmental protection throughout the meeting. They built plans for various future initiatives that would be relevant in the coming years under the leadership of IERS and IRCEF analyst Bohdan Motuzenko and the organization’s head, Oleksandr Bokotey.

The online meeting contributed to the discovery of new ideas, methods, and areas of work that the organizations will pursue in order to enhance the network of the Ukrainian environmental movement. The meeting reminded all attendees of the necessity of internal conversation and teamwork in accomplishing the organization’s goals.

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