Winners of the Responsibility for Creation – Nature Award


On Friday, November 29, nearly seventy participants of the Responsibility for Creation – Nature contest from Kolochava comprehensive school # 1, Synevyr and Synevyr-Polyana school, as well as Uzhgorod city schools # 6 and 9 visited the national nature park. They all participated in the eco-educational event, which summed up and rewarded the winners of the competition.


\”Our competition had an eco-educational goal,\” says Marta Mikhailets, a member of the organizing committee of the competition. – In evaluating the competition works, first of all, we paid attention not to the artistic skill of the participants, but to their understanding of environmental problems, methods of dealing with them, awareness of their role in the process of caring for nature, etc. Many children beautifully portrayed nature, not quite understanding the purpose of the competition. Those who have understood eco-ideals have been victorious. ”
Rosada Ariana (Kolochava secondary school №1), the first – Schetelya Darina (Kolochava secondary school №1), third – Babichin Maria (Synevyr-Polyana secondary school) won first place in nomination \”Picture\”. In the nomination “Literary work” the first place was won by Derbak Svitlana (Kolochava secondary school №1), the second teacher of the Ukrainian language Pechkan Maryana (Synevyr school), the third – Polozhinets Tamara (Synevyr school). Shandor Roman (Kolochava secondary school №1), second place – Makar Bogdan (Kolochava secondary school №1), third – Shetelya Darina (Kolochava secondary school №1) won in the category \”Photography\”. All winners received certificates and prizes from the organizers of the competition.


Thanks for the help in organizing and conducting the competition in schools, the gratitude of the head teacher of the Kolochava school for school # 1 Gleba Vasyl and the teacher of the Ukrainian language Synevyr school Pechkan Maryana.


During the event there were also presented handmade products from the waste of Synevyr school pupil Grechyn Andrew, employees of the environmental education department of NNP \”Synevyr\” Lyubov Subota, Grechin Lyubov and Nadia Chup. The works will be presented at an exhibition in Uzhgorod and marked with gift certificates.
Director of NNP \”Synevyr\” Mykola Derbak congratulated participants of ecological and educational event. “It is a pleasure that you understand the environmental issues and are already behaving like eco-conscious citizens. I want you to continue in the same spirit and set an example to everyone around you. We are always glad to welcome you to our park and are ready to support your eco-initiatives,” Mykola Derbak emphasized in his speech.
“The basis for the competition is our belief that humanity is responsible for the state of the environment as a result of its actions and inaction, which on a global scale poses a risk to humanity and the world around us. Continued efforts are needed to preserve the environment and develop a viable solution to the problem. Everybody has to be involved in environmental issues, but we have special hopes for the younger generations, ” says Alexander Bokotey, Director of the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies (IRCEF).


After the eco-educational event, for all the participants of the competition, employees of the environmental education department of NNP \”Synevyr\” made excursions in the visit center of the park, museums of wood and alloy, on the lake Synevyr and in the Rehabilitation Center of brown bear.
The event was held within the framework of the international project \”Environmental education and awareness raising in the Vayots-Dzor region of Armenia and Transcarpathian region of Ukraine\”, in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (Ukraine) with Transcarpathian OKM, as well as the public organization Syimen development NGO (Symen development NGO) ), Synevyr National Park, curated by the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research at the

University of Gödelberg (FEST) and supported by the Dessau Environmental Agency (Dessau, Germany).


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