UN-FAO Acknowledges Crucial Importance of Small Farms

\"\"Small Farmers Can Reduce Poverty, Hunger, Climate Change

\”Agriculture holds the key to solving two of the greatest problems now facing humanity: eradicating poverty and hunger, and contributing to maintaining the stable climatic conditions in which civilization can thrive.\”
These were the words of UN-FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva at a roundtable on climate change during the recent World Government Summit in Dubai. He stressed in particular the need to support smallholder farmers in the developing world adapt to climate change.
 \”The vast majority of the extremely poor and hungry depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, he said, adding: \’They are the most vulnerable to the impacts of global warming and an unstable climate\’.\”
 CRL notes this critical global concern because it relates directly to our recent reflection on The Vocation of the Agricultural Leader.  We continue to highlight this reflection as an important faith-based contribution to food, agriculture and environmental issues here in the United States.

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