“We get to know nature by resting”

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, many people who were forced to leave their homes because of the war have found refuge in the Synevyr National Nature Park. All of them came from different regions of Ukraine and many of them are here for the first time.

The fates of these people are almost similar, their stories are simply terrific. Some people have relatives who stayed at home under fire, others have already lost loved ones, and many simply have nowhere to return, their homes have been destroyed. Everyone is grieving, soothing their pain of loss as best they can.

Joint trips and tours unite people. In such circumstances, you can easily find friends, like-minded people with whom you can have fun and useful time. Rest is the best opportunity to regain strength and improve your health. This can be achieved with a skillful combination of a good mood, and being in the forest. Every tour outside plays an important role. It evokes positive emotions, and it’s an essential factor in the education and formation of environmental awareness.

 “We get to know nature by resting” – such an event was held with a group of adults and children of IDPs, led by Lyubov Grechyn, a specialist of the Environmental Education Department Synevyr National Nature Park. The participants of the event received a lot of interesting and useful information by visiting Synevyr Lake, BBRC (Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center), and the Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the region. And yet, they had the opportunity not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery but also to feel the healing air of the fir-tree forest.

The event was held in cooperation with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF, led by Alexander Bokotey) with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband, NABU International), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.


Informational Service of IRCEF

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