Kirche NGOs Gemeinden gemeinsam für die Karpaten

Name of the program (to the donor)   Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany “Establishing cooperation with civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia”
Project Title         Kirche NGOs Gemeinden gemeinsam für die Karpaten
Sector  Environmental Education
Project area      Ukraine,  Germany
Duration of the project01.05.2019 – 31.12.2019
Brief description              The goal of the project is to adapt local and religious communities located in areas adjacent to national parks to new conditions and practical skills in environmental management, and therefore to new environmental behaviors, through the joint efforts of churches, congregations and public organizations. An important result of the project will be a dialogue between local communities and administrations of national parks and the development of models for the practical implementation of their interaction based on the skills proposed during the trainings.

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