Civil Society and Christian Churches- common preservation of creation

Program name (donor) 
Name in EnglishCivil Society and Christian Churches- common preservation of creation
Sector  Environmental education
The project was implemented with supportGerman Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with NABU – the Union for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity 
The beneficiaryThe role of the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies in the project
Project number Project №216
Location of the projectInternational: Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia
Duration of the project              8 month: 01.05-31.12.2016  
Short description of the project  The aim of the project is to promote dialogue and understanding through networking of civil society representatives: environmental NGOs and churches from Germany, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Civil society and Christian churches from Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova are strengthening; networking and collaboration networks are established, experience exchanges are organized between NGOs, ecclesiastical institutions and awareness of responsibility for creation is enhanced.

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