Training on “Perspectives of tourism development and formation of community attractiveness”


August 19, 2019 at 10am in the premises of the Irshava district state administration a training on “Perspectives of tourism development and formation of community attractiveness”. Participants of the training: employees and responsible persons of National Nature Park “Zacharovany Krai”, local self-government bodies, activists of territorial and religious communities, simply goodwill people were provided with comprehensive information on ways of tourism development in the territory of national parks and adjacent territories. The participants gained knowledge and competencies regarding the formation and promotion of the brand of the territory, the potential of creating joint products and services for tourists and local people.

Oleksandr Koval, Head of the Transcarpathia Tourist Information Center, during the several-hour training session, revealed the huge potential of the community\’s wide opportunities for the development of the tourist and recreational industry as much as possible. The training aroused great interest and received a large number of endorsements. Participants asked a large number of questions that received expert answers. By mutual agreement, the participants agreed to continue a series of trainings on other equally important topics caused by the adaptation of local communities to the expansion of Transcarpathian National Parks.

The training was part of a project by the German Union for the Conservation of Nature (NABU) in collaboration with the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) \”Adapting Local Communities to Transcarpathian National Parks by the Joint Efforts of Churches and NGOs\” with the support of the German Foreign Ministry. The project is being implemented in the territories of three Transcarpathian parks that were expanded due to new territories in April 2019 – Synevyr National Park, Uzhansky National Park and “Zacharovany Krai”.

Information Service of the Institute of Ecological-Religious Studies and National Nature Park “Zacharovany Krai”.

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