the holiday united children of IDPs

On April 16th, a children’s holiday was held on the basis of the Synevyr Reference institution of general secondary education of I-III degrees, which united children from among the temporarily displaced persons living in the Tereblya Valley. The event was initiated by the Department of Education of Synevyr UTC. An unforgettable day with amateurs, interesting games, relay races, and entertaining competitions was eventful and interesting.

The holiday was attended by specialists of the Department of Ecological and Educational Work of Synevyr National Nature Park, who held an ecological and educational event with students on the topic: “Paths of the Synevyr National Nature Park. More than 20 young nature lovers expressed a desire to learn about the unique natural objects and conservation activities of the park. Together with the park’s colleagues, the children made a virtual tour along the trails of Synevyr National Nature Park, visited the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Synevyr Lake, Wild Lake among the thick forest, Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center, home to the largest predators of the Carpathians,  oligotrophic sphagnum swamp “Deaf”, where a rare sundew flower grows, which eats insects and many other interesting places in the park. Also with the help of the cognitive game “Guess the animal on the trail” the participants of the event determined its name by its characteristic features. The children joined in making an information cube out of cardboard as a reminder of the event and a mention of the Synevyr National  Nature Park with great enthusiasm. The illustrated sides of the cube reflect the unique places and objects of the park that encourage them to visit.

The participants of the event were clearly shown the process of making a flower arrangement from willow branches and spring greenery. Handmade bouquets were invited to be consecrated in the church on Palm Sunday. According to religious beliefs, consecrated willow bouquets are placed for home protection from evil forces.

During the environmental and educational classes, children willingly participated in the tasks and showed activity and interest. Finally, such an event allowed the children of IDPs to get to know each other better, get together and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Each of them received gifts from Synevyr National Nature Park: coloring books, information materials, hand-made products, sweets, and delicacies.

The event was held in cooperation with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF, headed by Alexander Bokotey) on the project “Responsibility for Creation and Women of the Carpathians” implemented by IRCEF in cooperation with partnership support of the Archdiocese of Bamberg (Erzbistum Bamberg), the Diocese of Würzburg (Bistum Würzburg) and Renovabis (Organization for Assistance to Eastern Europe from the Catholic Church in Germany).

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