The destruction of nature is a social sin that cries out to heaven


Excerpt from the Apostolic Letter of His Holiness John Paul II 

Ecclesia in America“, № 56

56. In the light of the social doctrine of the Church, the gravity of “social sins that cry out to heaven as well as causing violence and destroying peace and harmony between communities within the state and between different countries and parts of the continent” is more clearly aware. These sins should also be “attributed to drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption in all but one area, the horrors of violence, the arms race, racial discrimination, social inequality and reckless destruction of nature.” Such sins point to a deep crisis caused by the loss of faith in God and the destruction of moral principles that would, in fact, determine the life of each person. Without a certain point of moral support, man is doomed to submit to the unrestricted pursuit of wealth and power, which obscures any Gospel-centered view of social reality. (…)



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