The world community traditionally celebrates the Day of Environmental Knowledge on April 15th. The main purpose of the holiday is the popularization of ecological knowledge, to build the ecological culture of the population, to provide information on the state of ecological safety and environment, and education of children and adults in ecological thinking.

Everyone must have basic environmental knowledge and be able to interact with the outside world. The importance of environmental education in the modern world is no longer in doubt and in many countries is a priority in education. Activities to build the ecological culture and care for the environment – is the key to a secure future for all mankind.

Teachers of the Transcarpathian Regional Ecological and Naturalistic Center of Students Youth and Transcarpathian Regional Library conducted a series of interesting classes “The world is in our hands” for the children of IDPs from eastern regions in TRENCSY dedicated to the Day of Ecological Knowledge. The children diligently did the tasks: solved puzzles, guessed riddles, repeated the rules of behavior in the forests and in the park, together wrote down tips for environmental awareness, and finally played the ecological game “Sort garbage properly.”

Oksana Strichko, Methodist of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Work, pointed out that the children took into account the main things: do not burn grass, do not leave garbage in the park or forest, opt out of an extra plastic bags in the store, and read useful and interesting literature.

The head of the group Kazarina Erika I. invited the students to draw what, in their opinion, our planet should be. The teachers encouraged their students: “Let’s try the best to make our planet as beautiful as in your pictures and in real life. We all need to start thinking and acting”. We had blast and good mood. This is the end result of the meeting So, let’s take care of our beautiful planet – Earth! We are the rescuers and guardians of our huge home called Earth. After all, the world is in our hands!

The event was held in cooperation with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF, headed by Alexander Bokotey) on the project “Responsibility for Creation and Women of the Carpathians” implemented by IRCEF in cooperation with partnership support of the Archdiocese of Bamberg (Erzbistum Bamberg), the Diocese of Würzburg (Bistum Würzburg) and Renovabis (Organization for Assistance to Eastern Europe from the Catholic Church in Germany).

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