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A statement from our Executive Director Dan Misleh. Watch the video below! 

Why You Should Give

“In 2019, the U.S. Catholic Church began to fully embrace Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’.”

This is what historians will say when they look back at 2019. Throughout our 12-year history, the Covenant has led the U.S. Catholic Church’s efforts to understand and act upon the call to care for creation. But in 2018, we set the stage for exponential growth in 2019 and beyond.


A bold claim? Undoubtedly. But here are two important pieces of evidence:

1) Catholic Energies

Our unique approach to assist Catholic institutions reduce energy waste and produce their own renewable energy is poised for rapid adoption across the nation. Our goal for this program is ambitious but inevitable if we are to protect future generations: to transform the U.S. Catholic community into the most energy-conscious institution in the country. Through our Catholic Energies program, we are engaging pastors, principals and others, on how they can save money, lower their carbon footprint, and “care for creation and care for the poor”- all at the same time.

Catholic Energies is helping dozens of Catholic facilities dramatically reduce their energy use through solar and energy efficiency projects thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility expenses—savings that can be redeployed for core mission activities and build a shared movement for a thriving future. These parish efficiency and renewable energy projects are just scratching the surface of the 100,000 buildings owned by the U.S. Catholic Church. There are billions of dollars to be saved and millions of tons of carbon to be kept from the atmosphere.

2) Catholic Climate Campaign

This summer, we launched the Catholic Climate Declaration – a commitment to the international climate agreement to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, despite the Administration’s intention to withdraw from it. Nearly 800 U.S. Catholic institutions, including 49 dioceses, have proclaimed that “Catholics Are Still In” the Paris Agreement.

We plan to transform this unprecedented Catholic declaration into action through a campaign to weave tangible threads throughout the rich tapestry of Catholic Church ministries. Working with the declaration signers, key institutions, and leaders across our community, in 2019 we will convene experts in seven areas of ministry—Liturgy, Adult Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, School Education, Facilities, and Advocacy. Many of these experts have already accepted the call to create strategies to implement Church teachings on care for our creation, our poor and vulnerable neighbors, and our shared future. In doing so, together we heed the call in Laudato Si’, and weave green threads throughout the life and ministry of the Catholic Church.

The Covenant is stepping it up! Won’t you help? Please be as generous as you can to make 2019 the year the U.S. Catholic community took seriously the challenges of Laudato Si’.

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