Churches, religious and public organizations for eco-education of national minorities

Description: Churches, religious and public organizations for eco-education of national minorities

Name of the program (donor): Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany

Environmental education

Project area:
Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova

Project duration:
 01.06.2022 – 31.12.2022

The goal of the project is the adaptation and multiplication of methods and products of ecological upbringing and education, tested with the help of NGOs and the Church for children of socially and territorially difficult-to-reach groups and national minorities in Transcarpathia. Approbation of these efforts in the countries of the Eastern Partnership: Georgia and Moldova.

Tasks of the project:

  1. Multiplication of experience and products of work with young people in regions outside the protected areas.
  2. Intensification of the involvement of the church in environmental protection activities due to the expansion of its cooperation with NGOs based on universal human values ​​of responsibility for Creation.
  3. Concentration of efforts on changing consciousness and behavior regarding the nature of remote and vulnerable national and cultural communities in the depressed hinterland of the Carpathians.
  4. Pilot launch for adaptation of materials and products in EaP countries – Georgia and Moldova in order to expand the possibilities and effects of the project. Creation of a platform for the multiplication of the project with the help of IRCEF in the EaP countries in the following stages.
  5. Increasing the stability and cohesion of the network of environmental activists from NGOs and churches.
  6. Strengthening and expanding cooperation of experts of national parks/protected areas with local influence leaders for environmental purposes.