Participation of IRCEF Representatives in MGCE Catechists Meeting

Mykhailo Bilanych and Natalia Humen-Bilanych, both catechists at MGCE and experts from IRCEF, enthusiastically took part in a gathering of diocesan catechists on September 16. This significant meeting unfolded at the St. Ivan Paul II Spiritual Center in the picturesque village of Antalovtsi under the benevolent auspices of Bishop Nil.

During the event, they had the privilege to shed light on the Ecological Commission of MGCE and their pivotal roles within it. Mykhailo and Natalia passionately shared insights into IRCEF activities and mission. Moreover, they graciously presented a selection of printed publications, a collaborative effort between IERS and the Commission, to the attentive audience.

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