May Blessing Blessing of All Who Work the Land

We share in God\’s work through our human labor. Work is not drudgery that our Creator has imposed on us, nor is it a penance for our sinfulness. Work is a gift: human participation in the creative activity of God.


\"\"In Church tradition, we have a beautiful partnership of work by the married farm couple, Isidore & Maria. These saints labored with their hands, cared for the land and its creatures, and brought a blessing to the poor of their day and the Church for all time.


All who have a part in helping bring food to the table are a precious treasure in the human community and especially in the Church. Their country lifestyle and the spirituality that flows from it is a witness to Biblical faith.


Work is our communion with God and is also our communion with people, our way of taking responsibility for the well-being of our neighbors, communities and the environment.


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