Literary and poetic evenings are not uncommon things that could happen in Uzhhorod, even in peacetime. For comparison, in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, before the war, there was a poetic reading almost every day. There were days when several similar events took place in different parts of the city. In Uzhhorod, this could happen once every few months. But the war itself caused a phenomenon when migrants from all over Ukraine gathered in the city, among whom there are many creative people.

The event took place and was organized by the volunteer organization “Alt”. The evening was attended by writers from Uzhhorod, as well as creative personalities from Kyiv, Dnipro, and Luhansk. Everyone was able to read their works aloud, as well as express their own thoughts and express themselves. Among those who were invited to the evening was Natalia Humen-Bilanych, an expert at the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies in the field of literary editing and the author of several publications published by IERS.
During the speech, when Natalia was given the floor, she presented all these publications, including two poetic coloring books: “Protect the Climate”, “We should protect the world given by the God “, ecological tale “Bats”, etc., and read poetry loud and, of course, briefly told about the activities of IERS and IRCEF, in particular, that through poetry and other literary publications, our organizations are trying to build the environmental awareness of readers any ages.

By the end of the evening, which lasted more than 4 hours, many authors who try themselves in different poetic styles, read their works. Poetic themes varied: from intimate lyrics, through landscape sketches and environmental issues (which, in particular, were presented by Natalia Humen-Bilanych) to existential reflections, meditations, psychological and philosophical immersions, as well as the current and extremely painful topic of war. During a short break, participants could get to know each other better, and exchange views and contacts for further cooperation.

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