Recently, the first ornithological ecological and educational center was set up in Berehovo by the founders and main coordinators of which are Mr. Dmytro Kobrynskyi and ornithologist Leonid Pokrytyuk. The center was established in the building of the Count’s Court of Bethlen (which is a functioning museum in the Berehovo district) on the basis of the Center for Accommodation of IDPs. At present, the ornithological ecological and educational center is located in the room of this building. On March 31, the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies has provided many methodological and visual materials for the partners working with children with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU).

On March 30, for the first time in this center, an environmental education class was held, where students studied different species of birds and played various environmental games. Children need a lot of attention during the war, so such activities really help them to get used to the new region, as well as parents of children who have a lot of daily work related to resettlement.

Finally, our ornithologist Leonid Pokrytyuk installed a bat box under the roof, hoping that bats will settle in it in summer.

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