Environmental education through the tales during a literary evening in a Christian camp

From June 29 to July 8, a Christian eco-camp for Ukrainian children will be held in Selina (Croatia). It’s annually organized by Fr. Oleg Kobel with his colleagues – pastors of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Many different interesting events are organized during this camp: excursions to different places, hikes, themed evenings, etc.
On July 2, an ecological reading evening was held, during which Fr. Oleg together with Natalya Humen-Bilanych (writer and catechist of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Eparchy) tried to convey important ecological knowledge and understanding of nature as God’s Creation to the children through author’s tales and story. Fr. Oleg presented a series of eco-tales (the author of books) about the saver-hedgehog.

Nataliya Humen-Bilanych presented two books, the first of which is the eco-tale “Bats” and the other is the ecological tale “Under the Owl’s Wing” (published by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies). An interesting exercise with musical accompaniment was organized between the readings of tales for children.

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