Didactic games help students to go through the period of air-raid alarm in the bomb shelter

Students of Secondary School #6 named after Vasyl Grenji-Donskyi are often forced to leave their classes and hide in a bomb shelter because air raid alarms are often sounded during martial law. On Monday, December 5, the time was spent in the bomb shelter, not in vain. On the initiative of the deputy director Hanna Popovych, the teachers organized a competition between the students using didactic materials recently provided for the school by the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies.

The students played the game with enthusiasm and it distracted them from the worries caused by air-raid alarms. Even teachers found it interesting to play the game. Candy was given for a completely correctly played game. “Medicinal plants” turned out to be the most difficult of the didactic games for the students, and “Edible and poisonous mushrooms” was the most straightforward and most interesting.

We remind you that earlier the exhibition “Winged Messengers of Freedom” was presented in school No. 6  and a number of other thematic eco-educational events were held: “Workshop on making a bird – an owl”, a game-event dedicated to birds “Our winged friends”, a thematic event about the life of bats and a responsible attitude towards them, etc.

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