Dear Friends,

Summer is the time of year that many of us take trips or family vacations. It is a time to relax and refresh our minds and souls from the busyness of life. Life is not an easy row to hoe and we all need some encouragement to help us as we follow Christ in this world.
Catholic Rural Life is establishing, and re-establishing, \”chapters\” in dioceses around the country. One of the reasons we are doing this work is to remind all who are living in rural communities how precious each person is in the eyes of God. God has created the universe for each of us. What a gift!
We all have meaning in our lives and the Church especially affirms those who are involved in agriculture and food production. Farmers are co-creators, helping to supply food for us all. All of us are dependent upon those who ensure there is food for our tables. Give thanks to our loving Creator for his generous love for each one of us.

James Ennis

Executive Director
Catholic Rural Life

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