Dear friends, our dear colleagues in the environmental work!


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. We wish you happy holidays, and easy, generous for the accomplishments and successes next year. This year our Forum began a systematic work to expand its activities. We are expanding our geography with the Eastern Partnership countries, new projects are emerging, new areas of work are beginning, new partners are joining us and simply wonderful people among us continue to give inspiration and joy. We work together on environmental solutions, bring together the efforts of churches, NGOs and scientists, promote interchurch and interreligious dialogue, establish cooperation between the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU, and we hope that we are putting at least a brick into the building of understanding, harmony and unity in society. We are sure that everything that is conceived by us and everything that is conceived by you will be realized. After all, nothing is as inspiring as a joint good deed, the understanding that in it you are supported by a good companion and a sincere friend – and understanding that there is a lot of us. We wish you good health, happiness and inspiration in the next year! God\’s blessings!

Best regards and on behalf of each of you and to each of you sincerely – Alexander Bokotey Chairman of the IRCEF Secretariat


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