CRL Launches Sowing Seeds Campaign

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First Fundraising Campaign in Our 93-Year History
The Church in rural America is at a critical juncture, with many challenges facing those who labor on behalf of Christ.
These challenges include rural priests overseeing large geographical areas and multiple parishes, as well as the lack of financial and human resources to support outreach and discipleship efforts in many communities. The need to train and equip rural lay leaders for the new evangelization has never been greater.
There are also growing concerns about the adverse environmental impacts of unsustainable farming practices, the unethical treatment of workers in the food industry, the increasing use and dependence on chemical pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, and the need to provide food for the poor and vulnerable. The need for informed Christian leaders who work in the food and agriculture industries has never been greater.

Catholic Rural Life is the only organization in the country uniquely focused on  and poised to inspire, educate, and advocate on behalf of rural Catholics.

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