Book by Jean-Lesort Louck Talom, \”Preserve the Earth: Methodological and practical Christian guide\”

Paris, L’Harmattan, 2017



After COP 21 and 22, the States seem to have reached a consensus on the crucial issue of the preservation of the planet.  However, these resolutions could not be put into place without the effective participation of Christian communities all over the world. This handbook is conceived as a methodological and practical guide of important elements for the preservation of the planet. The methodological part describes the tangible paths to be explored by each theologian from an inter-textual reading of the biblical texts. The practical part elaborates concrete paths to be used by each group facilitator, whether they are believers or not but who care about global warming. This handbook offers in a theological and practical way to the Christian communities, a daily practice to respond to the destruction of our planet. It is a set of important tools for the promotion of creation.

Author: Jean-Lesort Louck Talom

Doctor in Practical Theology of the University of Laval Canada, Jean Lesort Talom is pastor of the United Protestant Church in Belgium and is the author of the book “Lecture populaire de la Bible” (People’s reading of the Bible), published by the same publisher in 2016.


Language: French
ISBN : 978-2-343-11185-8 • février 2017 • 144 pages

EAN PDF : 9782140029189


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