On June 30th – July 2nd, 2022, a working meeting of the team and all interested parties will take place in the residence of the Mukachevo bishops (Uzhgorod, Bachynskoho Square 1a) as part of the project “Churches, religious and public organizations for the environmental education of national minorities”.

The working meeting will let to assess the needs of national minorities and vulnerable groups in environmental education and upbringing, their capabilities, develop appropriate educational materials; develop thematic studies for the publication of the manual and conducting an informational campaign, coordinate the research, theological and public parts of the publications; approve the implementation plan of the entire project.

The main goal of the project is the multiplication of methods and products of environmental education for youth and hard-to-reach social groups and national minorities in the Transcarpathia with the help of NGOs and the Church and at the same time ecological training for leaders in local communities to strengthen the eco-educational effects. Simultaneously, pilot events for the adaptation of the project will be held in the countries of the Eastern Partnership: Georgia and Moldova.

The objectives of the project:

  1. multiplication of gained experience and products of work with youth in regions outside protected areas;
  2. intensification of the church’s involvement in environmental activities by expanding its cooperation with NGOs based on the universal values of responsibility for Creation;
  3. the concentration of efforts to change the consciousness and behavior in relation to the nature of hard-to-reach social groups, vulnerable national and cultural communities in the outback of the Ukrainian Carpathians cut off from educational, social, and civic activities, especially those related to environmental protection;
  4. pilot launch for the adaptation of materials and products in the EaP countries – Georgia and Moldova to expand the opportunities and effects of the project. Creation of a platform for project multiplication with the help of IRCEF in the EaP countries in the following stages.
  5. increasing the sustainability and cohesion of the network of environmental activists from NGOs and the Church.

The target audience of the project: youth and children, as a special target group; hard-to-reach, socially and territorially vulnerable and national groups/minorities, refugees; opinion leaders: teachers, clergy, multipliers; church leaders, NGO activists – will receive skills and opportunities to strengthen cooperation, including at the level of joint ventures; women of the Church and local communities.

The project is implemented by the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU) in partnership with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe, the University of Saint Tamara under the Patriarchate of Georgia, and the Greek-Catholic Parish “Acoperamintul Maicii Domnului” (Moldova), as well as a number of institutions and organizations with financial support German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Federal Foreign Office of Germany).

Information service of the NGO “Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe”

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