An exhibition is a tool for climate protection

Another online meeting was held on August 1, 2022, between the employees of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) and Dr. Jana Funk (Germany). Dr. Funk is an Education Officer and Head of studies for political education at the Evangelical Education and Conference Center in Bad Alexandersbad (EBZ Bad Alexandersbad, Bavaria, Germany) and organizes seminars, and educational events, and other activities. The main directions of Dr. Funk’s research are the climate crisis, global inequality, growth limitations, etc. The following took part in the online meeting:

  • Oleksandr Bokotey — Head of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies and Executive Secretary of IRCEF;
  • Mykhailo Bilanych — IERS expert, project coordinator;
  • Natalia Kulya — IERS expert, project coordinator;
  • Iryna Shishkina — DBU Fellow and IERS expert;
  • Liliya Skumatova– communication manager of IERS
  • Yurij Tolvaj is a web designer, photographer, and IERS operator.

During the online meeting, the representatives were able to convincingly describe and present the main directions of their work, as well as highlight the next steps of cooperation between Germany and Ukraine. Dr. Funk presented a new project idea that will be implemented in 2023, namely an exhibition in the context of the climate crisis, the resource crisis, and the limits of growth. This is an exhibition in the context of the environmental crisis, which presents caricatures by artists from different countries. (Eastern and Western Europe). The educational idea itself consists in increasing eco-awareness and consciousness of environmental degradation and its growth limits, in addition, to trying to contribute to the understanding of power imbalances, as well as the limitations of social and cultural frames of reference, in relation to our respective points of view. The online meeting is another stage in strengthening German-Ukrainian ties in the field of environmental protection and contributes to eco-social transformations in Eastern Europe.

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