A week-long eco-tour to the Berehovo district for children of the Sumy region

Leonid Pokrytyuk, a top ornithology expert at the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS), assisted in organizing a local lore walk for schoolchildren from Okhtyrka in the Sumy region. The Department of Education initiated a week-long vacation for 25 children whose parents perished on the frontlines for Ukraine’s freedom. The teachers enlisted the help of activists, volunteers, and other concerned Beregovo district residents, including our committed ornithologist Leonid.

He was in charge of the educational part of the events and accompanied all of the guests on their tours through Berehovo’s outskirts. During the excursion days, the children hiked the peaks of the Vyroglat Mountains, gazed out over the Hungarian lowlands and the Berehovo valley, visited a local quarry and an old collective farm garden, walked through the Kidoshivsky forest, participated in various quizzes and small competitions, picnicked, and explored nature.

Leonid Pokrytyuk taught them about Transcarpathia’s distinctive flora and wildlife and showed them various types of plants, mushrooms, and animals that they discovered along their trip. He also took little swallows abandoned by their parents with him to feed them every hour. Mr. Leonid showed children how people may improve the environment by using the example of these nestlings.

Collecting trash was a significant part of each walk, which the youngsters conducted together at each stop. Participants from Transcarpathia scrubbed lawns and walked while learning about the complexity of collecting, recycling, and disposing of various forms of waste. The children were able to get rid of the strain and anxiety that they had experienced and continue to experience as a result of the war during their week of relaxation in Transcarpathia, which was not only instructive but also profoundly therapeutic.

The event was held within the framework of cooperation between the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the “Everyone Can Help” Volunteer Center with the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband, NABU International), project coordinators Ivan Tymofeiev (NABU), Nataliya Kulya (IRCEF).

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