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The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development is committed to partnering with ecologically-focused clergy and theologians to augment the faith voice in hastening the transition to cleaner, healthier and more sustainable communities. In conjunction with the publication of Eco Bible, Vol. 1: An Ecological Commentary on Genesis and Exodus, we are sponsoring the following webinars featuring theologians speaking to religion and ecology.

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Past Webinars

Conversations in Catholic Eco-Theology

February 18, 2021 at 10am Pacific Time

Fr. Seán McDonagh

Irish Columban Missionary Priest

Author, On Care for Our Common Home, a Laudato Si commentary

Fr. McDonagh was born in Nenagh, Ireland and was ordained a priest in the Columban order in 1969. He was sent to work as a missionary in Mindanao in the Philippines and then amongst the T’boli indigenous people near Lake Sebu where he witnessed at first hand the destruction of the local forests. This experience resulted in him publishing the pioneering book To Care for the Earth (1985), which called for a new creation theology which incorporates modern science and a cosmology which ought to become the guiding myth for modern humankind, especially in the way we relate to the earth and other creatures. Fr. McDonagh has continued to publish numerous books and articles and to travel across the world explaining that environmental destruction leads to global poverty. He is a strong advocate for Pope Francis’s Encyclical on the environment, and most recently wrote a commentary on it, entitled On Care for Our Common Home: Laudato Si.

Conversations in Catholic Eco-Theology

January 21, 2021 at 10am Pacific Time

Dr. Celia Deane-Drummond

Director, Laudato Si Research Institute, Campion Hall, University of Oxford

Throughout her career, Dr. Deane-Drummond has focused on the interface between theology and science, particularly systematic and moral theology informed by contemporary and historical Catholic sources. She began an academic career in the natural sciences, focusing on plant physiology and agricultural botany, but the global and ethical challenges of the use of GMOs encouraged her to retrain in theology, education, and environmental ethics. As Director of the Laudato Si Research Institute (LSRI), Dr. Deane-Drummond researches the different elements relevant for Pope Francis’ call for an ‘integral ecology’, including building credible multidisciplinary hubs of research that are relevant for the pressing ecological and environmental issues of our time. Her main interests are in theological and ethical engagement with the natural and social sciences on questions related to ecology, genetics, animal studies and anthropology.

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