Life-Giving Water
Water Stories and New Website
Christ has risen! This past Easter weekend, in celebration of the Resurrection, we renewed our Baptisms as a community of believers. We also witnessed the adult Catechumens receive Baptism under the sacramental sign of water. Water is a beautiful sign of our faith and of the life it gives us.
Last month, in commemoration of World Water Day, we reported that Pope Francis called for a global conversation on protecting the absolutely essential resource of water.
We alerted our members and network about a dedicated website called Watershed where visitors could share their stories. It\’s been a popular feature: people have shared in various ways how water affects their lives and communities. Click here to see some amazing stories.
And here at CRL, we also wanted to hear your stories. If you were inspired by visiting the links above, then please send us your story–in words, photo, artwork or video–to [email protected]
More on water: a new website from National Geographic, Uncharted Waters, explores water use in agriculture. The site features a video, an educational quiz and other interactive components. Check out the video below!


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